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Some like it HOT on Illustration Fridays

     Hello, friends, and welcome back.  It's such a beautiful day out in the city.  The sun is shining down, it's warmed up, you know, by NY standards, and there's a lite breeze winding through the buildings.  I thought it was a great day to have a picnic lunch in the park. 😀      This spring weather is so nice. It hasn't given into the SIZZLE of the hot Summer weather just yet, and with Memorial Day weekend (for my USA friends) just around the corner, who knows what the weather may bring.  New York City is always full of surprises. lol      The project I pulled out from the morgue to work on over the past week or two is a note I had from 3.31.2014.  It was for an Illustration Friday topic, you guessed it: SIZZLE.  When I think of things that Sizzle, now, I think of: the hot Summer sun heating the pavement streets in the middle of the Summer, I think of the crackle of a campfire, the sound that popcorn makes right before it pops, and, of course, the sizzle of breakfast

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