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Retrograde! But, Make It Fashion: Moon

       Welcome back, friends, and welcome to the fashion show... sort of.  This illustration of the Moon is the final illustration in this little miniseries I have been working on. This might have been posted a little sooner, but covid called and I was forced to answer.  So, needless to say, I was out and as a result, sharing these a month after when I had planned to have them all completed. In any case, I am glad you all hung in there and are here to discuss a little about art and astrology and astrological art.  SIDE NOTE HERE: Most of what you are about to read, below, will be repeated in each of the mini blogs about this series. I chose to do this because not everyone reads each individual blog and it is important to discuss some of the general information in each post. This way, if someone only reads one post, they still gain the benefit of the knowledge below. So, if you plan to read all the posts about this series, please forgive the repetition in some of them.     I call this m

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