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Sending Out A MESSAGE on Illustration Friday!

"Sometimes I Tweet Things"      Happy Illustration Friday Everone!....       ...Or whatever today is. lol. In all honesty, I did plan to get this project, blog, and everything completed and posted by Friday morning.  It obviously did not work out that way.  Some of you may have noticed recently that things haven't necessarily worked out the way you would have liked them to, things that involve communication and communicating.  There kinda is a reason for that and that reason is what I would like to talk about today. But before I really get into the tweet of it, I have an announcement to make. I AM ON TWITTER! @LewisWPorter [ You can click the @-handle  or  you can click on the Illustration itself to go there...  and hopefully follow me :0) ]      Yes. Lewis W. Porter Illustration has an official Twitter account where it will tweet little things like new illustrations, sketchings from the day, SketchBlog posts, and just little inspirational musings and thoughts.  This is w

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