Thursday, April 16, 2015

SOFT, Fluffy and Fun on Illustration Friday!

     Yay! It's Illustration Friday!  I Must say that It was nice to put this together last night.
I have been in a bit of a Creative Desert of sorts trying to find an oasis of productivity
and this week, last night included, there has been a Big Rain of it.  

     I was wondering where my Muse had been.  I had been considering doing a new FatMan Illustration and maybe this is the my Muse (The FatMan) trying to tell me something.  In either case, It's nice to have some of my creative MOJO back.  It's been weird and I have felt undefined as an artist in it's absence.

     So this week's topic is SOFT.  I had immediately thought of Cat or Bear or a Rabbit (considering Easter just passed) or some other cute and fuzzy woodland creature to draw, 
but I have decided I have drawn so many animals and not enough people and children, so I made a conscience decision to draw children this 
week. I think about things of comfort and nighttime things when I thing of the word SOFT. I also think of baby animals (which I have done a lot of lately). I immediately knew I wanted to do a pajama/nighttime sort of illustration but didn't want it to just be a spot illustration of a child holding a stuffed animal as that would be too similar to an illustration I did last year with the Mirror and the Teddy bear.  SO I thought of what else is soft and comfortable besides PJ's and stuffed animals.  Pillows came to mind and of course pillow fights, which are fun and vaguely violent but softly so.

     So I began researching pajamas and PJ patterns and pillows and pillow fights. The rest of the illustration just kind of fell into place.  There's not too terribly much to read into the image. It's pretty straight forward.  My goal wasn't to try to be clever this week. My primary objective was to just have some fun to try to get back in the swing of drawing and illustrating again. My mind has been so recently distracted an preoccupied, I could not focus n one single thing, let alone plan and implement some decent artwork. I've thrown away so many bad drawings in the past many many moons with nothing to show. SO it's been frustrating to the point Ive been running from Blank sheets of paper and pencils in my nightmares (well not really but how cute would that be? lol) I'm thinking of illustrating that, The Creative Block Monster/Monstrosity. It sounds like fun and my objective with Art this month is to have fun first. Drawing these two girls having a good ole' time with their sleepover pillow fight was definitely fun and kept me chuckling and smiling as I worked on them. 

Illustration By John Kenn Mortensen

     That pretty much sums things up for this week's IF Friday post. I hope you all enjoy the Illustration and decide to do something particularly FUN this weekend;
Something that makes you Chuckle and Something that makes you Smile.

until next time, friends...
Keep sketching, keep thinking, keep laughing and most important of all, keep making art.