Monday, October 8, 2012

To BLOG or NOT To BLOG... Mostly NOT, I Fear.

     SO... I created this Blog to actually force myself to "Blog" about something, when in fact, I created something in my head that I associate with the burden of a chore.  It's rather like placing something you need to do in your path so that you constantly trip over it until you do something with it.  Most times I would rather be doing anything else other than writing about something, even if it interests me, or blogging about something. Blogging is really just a clever guise for writing on the internet... And like most chores, I avoid them, walk past them, look at them, kick them, and then keep walking past them, avoiding them at ANY cost till you must absolutely MUST take care of it.

     Now by this measure you could assume my home is a bio-hazard: a volcano of dirty dishes, filthy laundry, cat hair, crunchy litter, coffee grounds, tea bags, Mustard packets, beer bottles, various empty vegetarian meat substitute boxes, and perhaps a cat or two in there, if you can find them. You could imagine it to be something out of the Shel Silverstein poem Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out.  I must say that fortunately, for my partner, our cats and myself, this is not the case. I am rather, for the most part, a tidy household dweller.

      For whatever reason, I seem to find writing a toilsome task, though once I begin, I find myself soaring through pages of typed or hand written text; word after word, passage over passage, until I find myself no longer in the room I once occupied, but rather elsewhere in some world I am writing about. So even though I may have to be dragged back to the computer monitor, kicking and screaming each and every time, I am determined to force myself to write about what I find interesting each week or whatever artwork I may currently be working on or a nice sketchbook sketch I sketched that week or about puppies, babies and kittens (oh, wait... I have to save that for Facebook.) I am also determined to enjoy it, damn it!

     SO to make a long story short: I started a blog.

     A very wise college professor of mine once said that, "you have to get through alot of bad drawing before you can get to the "good" drawing."
And that bit of advise has stuck with me.  I think about it almost every time I start a new Illustration, especially if a piece just isn't turning out quite the way I want it to that day. This is why, if you're a professional artist or want to be one, you must draw all the time, even when you don't really want to; especially if you don't really want to.  This could also be said for writing as well, so a sketch Blog seems like a good place to keep up with both, perhaps.  I admit, I am not always able to have time to draw EVERYDAY, but I do set aside time Daily to work on creative projects such as drawings, paintings, sculpture, design work, etc. I figure if you can't practice your hand everyday, you should practice your creative mind.  I plan to share much of that here with you all. I am thinking Wednesday makes a Good day to post. Wired Wednesdays sounds catchy and seems to amuse me at the moment. :0) 

     So keep posted, and I promise I will keep posting... Even if am kicking and screaming, I promise I will do it creatively or at the very least, in an entertaining way for you. :0)   I promise also to limit my typed smiley faces to a minimum.

Keep sketching, keep thinking, keep laughing and most important of all, keep making art.

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