Thursday, March 20, 2014

A SPARK to Jump Start Your Heart; Illustration Friday!

     YAY! It's Illustration Friday and I, for one, am glad that it is the end of the week.
It's been a great week, but a long one, which makes me a bit tired, but I will be fine with a little R&R this weekend.
This week's topic is SPARK and it took me a while to come up with this illustration... In the end, it seems like it was what I was meant to put together for this from the very beginning. However, it did not come easy and I almost gave up on doing something this week for (and it kills me to say this) lack of a good idea for it.

     All I kept getting in my head was the image of a match that was on fire, at the Starting Line for a Race.  Perhaps I had racing on the mind, as I had just recently finished my first 5K I had ever done before.  It was a doozie of a first 5K as it was a Trail Run through our local Natural Landmark,
Providence Canyon, otherwise known as the Little Big Canyon.  The race is called the Flatlanders Canyon Crash and, if you're local, you should check it out next year and come run it with me! :0)
***I have provided a link to the Facebook Page for the event below for those of you that are interested.

     Also, my partner's daughter had just recently joined her school's track team.  She is doing quite well and I am very proud of well she is doing.  I decided it would be neat to dedicate this week's project to her and her new found passion for running.  So, M, this one's for you! :0)

     I kind of caricatured her, a little, into the matchstick character. I also drew on the influence of one of her favorite cartoon's Adventure Time.  Pendleton Ward Art Direction for the show visually speaks to her,
so I wanted to incorporate that a little into the illustration as well.  I attempted to make my character look like it would fit into that show... and for those of you who watch it, you know that this type of character wouldn't be a far stretch, considering some of the characters I've seen on the show.

     Anyway, the fact that it is a match relates conceptually to the topic.  When people think of Spark, sometimes they think of a spark of inspiration, but to me it's a little more skewed than that. I don't feel that the spark is the inspiration, the spark is the catalyst that gets things moving in whatever direction your inspiration maybe pointing you in.  For me this week's topic is more about motivation than inspiration.  It's about how people can be motivated and driven by just a single Spark.  I was certainly impressed with hoe M ran the 5K with us a couple of weekends ago.  She  honestly could have blown past us and had a better time for the race, but she lagged behind to stay with us old timers huffing it up and down and all around those hills and canyons.  She really is very sweet and I thought that fact that she slowed down to stay with us was a shining example.  There is also something to be said for being inspired by the drive and motivation of others around you. Their force of energy kinda-sorta can spark your own into action. It's just one of those things about humans that are simultaneously intriguing and beautiful yet mysterious because you can't really explain them.

    Also the image nods it's head to the Olympic Games slightly, as it can also represent the tradition of the passing of the torch from one racer to another till it reaches it's destination that signifies and opens the Olympic Games.  It goes back to what I said previously, we all are connected and each of our SPARKS can at anytime ignite, touch, inspire and drive those around us.  It is the Spark that ignites the powder keg of Passion inside us all.

     So here's to M, who's dedication and passion in running SPARKED the inspiration of today's Illustration! I can't wait to see you run your first meet, M!
To the rest of you, I wish you a very Happy Friday and Weekend. I Hope you find a Spark to ignite Passion about Something in your lives.

until next time...
Keep sketching, keep thinking, keep laughing and most important of all, keep making art. 


[I didn't win any awards, 
but you can see us hiding in the background in this photo ;0) ]

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