Thursday, April 21, 2016

I WOOD Like To Sing the Praises of SPRING on Illustration Friday


     It's Illustration Friday and I'm excited about the end of a productive week of making Art.  In reference to a previous post, one of my goals this year was just to create more art for myself; not only art that I am commissioned to do, but art that I wanted to make... for just me.  I also have some goals I set for learning new technologies that I had previously had some Techno-fear of learning.

     Most recently I am working on a longer project, the Ben Franklin FatMan, to force myself to learn how to use my Pen Tablet. I previously had been afraid to use it, embarrassingly so, because I felt it would take
such a learning curve to get used to it as opposed to the mouse I have been using for years and years to
do digital work with.

      In addition to those goals, I will be opening a shop on Etsy to sell Giclee Fine Art Prints of my work as well as a series of greeting cards.  The prints will be available first as I am still working on the illustrations and copy for the greeting cards. So those will show up in due course and I'll definitely send out some buzz when they are.  However, in the mean time, things are going well, artistically, and it gets me very excited.

     I am working on a few new Blog Posts that will be posting soon. They do require a bit more writing and
time as the projects they cover are of long form projects with multiple facets and many details. So stay
tuned for those.

     Today, I WOOD like to Sing the Praises of my little Log-Man and his exuberant bouquet of lovely and
colorful Spring Flowers.  I have been wanting to create a piece that was Spring themed for several weeks
and was waiting for a IF-Friday Topic that WOOD allow me to do so.  This week's One Word Topic was,
as you might have already guessed,"WOOD."  Since my mind has been on the lookout for new ideas for
Greeting Cards, This little guy popped into my head the very moment I read the topic.  I knew exactly what
I wanted to sketch and what the card copy would say.  I saw a chopped log with a cute smiling face
offering a bouquet of flowers and he was sketched-up in less than an hour or so.

      These illustrations go pretty much the same as they always do: Sketch, Ink, Scan and Collage.  I had a lot of fun playing with the layering and detail of the bark texture on him as well as selecting and placing the
punchy "Spring-y" colors of his bouquet of flowers.  I'm not entirely certain who they are for. They could be
for all of you, I suppose.  But I wasn't entirely clear on his story.  Could be for Log friend of his, perhaps.  In any case he is happy and very excited about this lovely weather and bright colors that are surrounding
most of us all this time of year.  He puts a smile on my face and entices me to go outside and enjoy the
color, the warmth and the nice breeze of Springtime.

     In enjoyed playing with his "Hat" and his "Sleeves" and "Pants."  I thought it would be fun to let the knobs
and or stubbed branches be the departure for them. I also wanted his face to resemble an area where the
log's bark might have either fallen off naturally or had been knocked off from when he was chopped. I'm
particularly fond of making his one and only leaf that remained be the "feather" in his cap.  I wanted his hat
to be quite similar to that of Peter Pan's.  I kind of wanted him to be of that same forever youthful spirit, as
Spring is the Season of rebirth and new life.  I think he's definitely a glass half full kind of log and I wanted
to communicate that in a fun way.

     All in all this little guy was a fun project to work on this week and I'm excited to add him to the group of
illustrations that I will feature on the greeting cards.  I know there wasn't really much to discuss about this illustration, as there really wasn't too much symbolic meaning behind it's purpose or details.  I just wanted to do something fun; a lark, if you will.  I hope he puts a smile on all of your faces and inspires you all to go out and "play" some this weekend.

until next time, friends...
Keep sketching, keep thinking, keep laughing and most important of all, 
keep making art.  

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