Thursday, October 31, 2013

Even Aliens Like To Dress Up... For ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY!

     Well, Folks. It's ALMOST Friday.  I am getting my IF posting done early because I am participating in Halloween Fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, By the Way! ;0)  This week's topic is CREATURE and I wanted to do something Halloween related, but since I have been so busy typing blog posts and going to festive Holiday Events, I didn't have too much time to devote to this week's IF Illustration Challenge. 

     I skipped last week to make my costume. :0(   But my costume is pretty great, if I do say so. :0)

     I knew I didn't have time to create a creature from scratch, so I dug into the sketch book and loose leaf doodle archives to see what I could DIG UP (Halloween Joke.)  I found a really cute alien dressed in a Zoro-like costume.  I thought this would be cute to take to a finished Illustration. I mean even Aliens Dress Up for Halloween, right?

     As you can see in the scan, the original sketch was done back in '05. Eight years he has been waiting, all dressed up and no-where to go.
So I decided to finish him this evening. Inked and collage-colored all in one night.  The background was added.  I originally wanted to create
a space scape inspired by the work of Maurice Noble.  For those of you who aren't familiar with who he is. Maurice Noble was a layout man for Warner Brothers Animation.
He was known for his graphically dynamic backgrounds, seen in many of the Looney Tunes films.  There has been a book released on his work and it is AMAZING!  I have been impressed and inspired by his work since I was in school taking Layout in the Animation Department.   I didn't really have time to plan a great Alien World with which this little guy is from, so I kind of mocked in a desert planet scene behind him.  Not what I would have rather had there, but works in a pinch.

     Well, that pretty much sums this one up, folks. I have other things to get done today. So I hope you all have fun today.

Happy Halloween! And, until next time.
Keep sketching, keep thinking, keep laughing and most important of all, keep making art. 

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