Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween is a "Slice of Fried Gold!"

     As I sit here this evening and drink my hot tea and eat my roasted pumpkin seeds, I breath in deep the scent of fire pits and fireplaces lit and burning.  I think to myself,"Yes. This is finally Autumn."  It's absolutely my favorite time of year. It has most all of my favorite Holidays contained within the Season.  It makes me want to drink Apple Cider and Roast Marshmallows and Eat Soup, Soup and More Soup Everyday for Every Meal for Now until the foreseeable Future. ;0) It's like a "Slice of Fried Gold."

     It's also tells me, It's Halloween time.  Halloween hasn't always been my favorite Holiday and it still isn't.  As I have blogged about previously, I was never allowed to go Trick or Treating.  I honestly feel my childhood was robbed of something vital.  So Halloween represented a Holiday all my friends could go have fun on, but I could not, well at least not go Trick or Treating. I will say this: My Halloweens growing up were not all Oliver Twist, even though I exaggerate some to paint that picture.  My parents did buy all my siblings and I candy at Halloween. Candy Corn was always my request and is still my favorite Halloween candy of all.  I also remember this REALLY AWESOME Halloween Carnival/Fall Festival that was held at the local Mall.  The entire Mall (all floors were filled with booths and games and people handing out candy.  My parents made the effort  to have us kids participating in some kind of fun Fall-ish related activities during Halloween, and I truly do appreciate that.  This Holiday has held some really fond memories for me.

     On of the BEST THINGS EVER that happened on Halloween was Halloween Specials on TV.  I of course will always love It's the Big Pumpkin, Charlie Brown., but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Halloween Cartoon was "Trick or Treat" Starring Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Dewy and Louie.  This is the cartoon where Hazel the Witch helps the nephews get their candy from the pranking Donald.  I would be willing to say it could very well be my favorite cartoon altogether.

     In my grown-up-ed-ness, I obviously am too big and old to go Trick or Treating and honestly, it wouldn't mean the same thing now as it might have, then.  So I compensate by Making my Halloween Costume at home and finding some fun activities to wear it to.

     Last year, I went as Eliot form E.T. and built an actual E.T. that sat on my bike and glowed, etc.  I figured, there was really no way I could top that costume, and I really didn't want to.  I'm not in the habit of competing with myself... It's unfair on both of us. ;0)

     So I just did what I do every year: Wait till August and see what just "comes" to me.  This year I was feeling either Pee Wee Herman or Shaun from Shaun of the Dead.  Most of the time, it comes down to what I am able to find, gather or build.  This year I was really unsuccessful in finding the grey suit for Pee Wee, even though I was able to find the platform loafers. I didn't quite have time to teach myself the Pee Wee dance to Tequila on top of all that....

     So this year's choice is Shaun form Shaun of the Dead. :0)  It's an AWESOME zombie flick and it's a Simon Peg comedy. How can you go wrong with Shaun, really?

     I was able to thrift some navy work pants that fit and a red neck tie. I found the white work shirt on clearance at Sears.  My thought was to use acrylic red paint, which I already had, to paint the blood stains on.  I thought it would be kinda fun and funny to "smear" the most quoted phrase from the film, "You've Got RED On You."  I painted it on to look like it had been written in zombie blood.

     I then used an old gift card that didn't have any money left on it and measured to get it's specific dimensions. I then found a name tag for a DIY Shaun of the Dead costume online that I could print.
I printed it out, cut it out and then adhered it to the sturdy gift card with some double sided tape.  To make sure I would be able to attach it to the rest of the costume, I glued some Lapel pin tacks and backings that I bought from the hobby store.

     Now the key to the whole costume.  The element that would make the character instantly recognizable: The Cricket Bat.  I had previously a few months ago, priced cricket bats online.  I needed to find one that didnt have stickers, etc on it or one that was really old, like the one Shaun had in the movie.  I will say this: Cricket Bats are hella-expensive sporting equipment to purchase.... and that's BEFORE you ship it to The States.
So I opted NOT to purchase a real one but find a way to make one myself with stuff I had.  I found a really Awesome homemade costume cricket bat online.  Basically you buy a cheap plank of wood form your local Lowes or Home Depot and draw out the handy-dandy dimensions our Online Friend posted then cut the shape out of the wood.
 I opted also to sand it down to shape it and make it smoother for handling.  I did have help with the bat.  My partner and his handy-dandy workshop came to my aid with this part of the costume.  I also just used some wood stain to satin it and make it look older than it was. Then tape up the bottom with some black tape and vio la! Almost-Instant Costume Cricket Bat.

     Since, collectively, I spent maybe $10 on my costume, I was think maybe I could splurge a little and dye my hair Red, just like Simon Peg's in the movie.  I wasn't sure if it would be affordable, but to be quite honest, Hair coloring isn't as expensive as I imagined.  My stylist, Wendy Henson, who normally cuts my hair, helped me get this last part of the costume together.  She did an amazing job with making me Ginger for Halloween.  So a Very Special Thanks goes out to Wendy Henson of Main Street Salon in Americus.

     Thanks Wendy! You ROCKED My Hair for Halloween this Year and You Just ROCK! :0)

     After that, just applying a bit of fake blood to my face completes the costume.  I did originally have a cool plan to make a "Before Shaun" and "After Shaun" because I thought it would be funny to walk in to a party or whatever it is in a clean white shirt with a red tie on and his blue jacket.  Then, half-way thourgh the even, I would go to the rest room and unbotton the clean white shirt, revealing the bloody shirt below, then kinda untuck the shirt, tie the tie around my head, quickly apply the fake blood and BAM, you're suddenly in the second half of the movie. lol

     Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Blue jacket, other wise it would have been perfect. I did , however find a clip on red tie, that would have made the change easy.  In any case, Im please with the end reselt. Another fun costume to add to the costume closet. 

     I Hope all of you are having fun with your Costumes this year.  If you are feeling so inclined, share a pic of this year's costume in the comments. I ALWAYS Love to see what other people did this year.


Until next time...
Keep sketching, keep thinking, keep laughing and most important of all, keep making art. 

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