Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Saturday Sketchgin in the Park with Trees... No Ticket, Please.

     So I went out this past weekend and sketched trees in the park again.  I did NOT park in the wrong direction and did NOT get a ticket this time, thank goodness.  I did, however, have the pleasure of the company of a good friend.  She brought her sketchbook and her camera and sat on a picnic blanket in the park with me while I practiced making marks with a variety of pencil leads in the way the book suggested I make them to draw trees in the way that I see them in the book. 

     I will advised that even though this book is a lovely illustrated book, it's not really about technique more so than it seems as it was just a hobby of the author to create a book that blends their pastime with their vast knowledge of trees. Id say that the book is 90% factual information about all different types of trees and really only 10% information on technique of how the author draws them.  It's alright. It's just a drawing exercise. 

     I decided last Saturday that drawing the tree bark was far more satisfying than drawing the shape and tone of various foliage on the trees... As you can see, I did get a bit lazy with the Magnolia tree.  I did have a better go at the Bush Tree as I call it, as I (unlike the author of that book) have very little knowledge as to the variety and names of trees.  I call them all "tall," really.  My bush tree turned out great.  I also Did a better park fountain this time... Even streaming water was more interesting than magnolia tree foliage, I guess.  Again the majority of my time was spent chatting and practicing mark making so I could draw the trees appropriately "by the book." 

     Also time was cut short by the over-brooding eventuality of rain... eek.  I did arrive home just in time before the floodgates opened, so to speak.

     Anyway, I had a great time. It was wonderfully relaxing to just simply draw for the shear joy and technical skill developmental practice.

until next time,
Keep sketching, keep thinking, keep laughing and most important of all, keep making art. 

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